Nokia 7 Plus Ubros Network Absolute 2 Premium Temperd Glass Screen Protector

  • Impact absorbing adhesive technology
  • Special High-tech Glass
  • Precision cut edges
  • Perfect Fit
  • High Transparency
  • Cover Friendly
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    • WATER-OIL-REPELLENCY : Hydrophobic oleophobic coating provides resistance against finger smudges, grease, dirt, and moisture from setting onto the screen.
    • 9H TEMPERED GLASS : Reinforced with internal stress capabilities for superior shock absorbency and tensile strength. Great resistance for the screen against scratches, drops, and impacts.
    • HIGH TRANSPARENCY : 99% clear transparency for high definition display. Does not interfere with use of touch screen and 3D touch.
    • 3D CURVED Edge To Edge : 9H high hardness material. Scratch protection against everyday objects such as keys, coins, and even knives.
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    Ubros Network Absolute 2 Corner to Corner Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Impact absorbing
    Adhesive technology

    Ubros Network Absolute 2 Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Tempered Glass

    Ubros Network Absolute 2 Aluminosilicate Tempered Glass Screen Protector



    Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protection

    Ubros Network Absolute 2 with AlumiTech for Smartphones is the very first glass screen protector in the India to utilize aluminosilicate, a rare variant of tempered glass. The technology in this glass offers thinner, more durable protection—unlike the regular soda-lime glass found in most other screen protectors.


    Constructed with rare, special high-tech glass, a UbrosNetwork Absolute 2 tempered glass screen protector is the perfect buy for your Smartphone. Absolute 2 is the first glass screen protector in the India made of aluminosilicate—an ultra-thin glass that is far stronger than other screen protectors on the market.

    Aluminosilicate is a type of tempered glass that is superior to other smartphone screen protectors because of its unique glass technology. Light years ahead in terms of durability and ease-of-use, aluminosilicate tempered glass is almost impossible to break, scratch or mark. Absolute 2 also includes an impact-absorbing adhesive technology, allowing you to use your new phone stress-free. Precision-cut edges finish off this next-generation glass to give you a flawless fit.

    Absolute 2 is five times more scratch-resistant than other smartphone glass screen protectors on the market. BodyGuardz even offers free lifetime replacements so you will never experience anything less than the ultimate in protective smartphone technology.

    Every UbrosNetwork purchase includes the Lifetime Warranty—offering you free replacements and a warranty for your Absolute 2 Edge screen protector. With Absolute 2 Edge, you will never experience anything less than the ultimate in protective smartphone technology. Click here to learn more or to register your product.


    • Premium protection
    • Case friendly
    • Clear tempered glass
    • Made with AlumiTech
    lifetime warranty